Freundeskreis – Our friends based in Germany. They collect donations for our children.

St Peters Lutheran Church

Saint Peter’s by the Lake Lutheran Church – A Congregation in Parkview that we partner with


St Peters Pretoria 

Saint Peter’s Pretoria – A Congregation in Pretoria that we partner with

West rand church

West Rand Lutheran Community Church – A Congregation on the West Rand that we partner with


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Southern Africa (ELCSA-NT)


The Lutheran Communion in Southern Africa (LUCSA) - a partner of our project

Jhb Child Welfare

Johannesburg Child Welfare - a partner of our project

Neema Lalela

Neema Lalela is the outreach project of the West Rand Lutheran Community Church and is a partner of our project

  Futura Siftung

The Futura Stiftung für Kind, Jugend und Kultur supports our project



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