Getting involved

How to make a real difference to orphaned children in South Africa


StPCC assumes full responsibility for the welfare of the foster mothers and the children in their care. Suitable accommodation is provided in rented suburban property;the family is visited regularly to ensure that the children are properly cared for, are suitably dressed and fed, that they attend school and do their homework, that they receive medical care as required, that the spiritual needs of each family are catered for, that they attend church regularly and that the environment of their upbringing is a Christian one.

How can I help?

  • volunteer time

  • donate food

  • donate clothing

  • household goods
  • Monetary donations  

To meet its obligations towards the present and future foster families St. Peter’s Child Care needs donations and volunteers! The costs of running and expanding such a project are considerable and include, inter alia, accommodation, support of the foster mothers and foster children, medical costs and the education of the children.

StPCC relies almost entirely on volunteers. Administration costs are minimal, allowing donations,both financial and non-financial, to be used directly for the benefit of the foster families. 

The project is committed to full transparency of financial matters and is happy to provide relevant information to interested parties on request.

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