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Saint Peter’s Child Care is a long term special foster care programme for orphaned children affected by the HIV/ Aids pandemic in South Africa. It is based on the principle of providing a home environment to such children which closely resembles that of an ordinary caring household, as opposed to the concept of an orphanage or children’s home. Saint Peter’s Child Care is based on establishing individual households, with 3 to 5 children, that are as close to the normal home environment as possible and that we believe every child is entitled to. This means that we strive to care for our children (as would be the case in various ordinary household settings) until they reach an age where they can take care of themselves– hopefully this means beyond university. This is in sharp contrast with the usual model of an orphanage or children’s home where a large group of children is cared for only up to a specific age regardless of what their individual needs may be.

We have several homes running at the moment :

1. Douglasdale 1


The house mother – Dora Ngobeni


Hello, my name is Dorah Ngobeni, I´m original from Pretoria and currently I am a foster mother at St. Peter´s Child Care in a house with 4 children.

Before I came to St. Peter´s Child Care I worked as a domestic worker and a receptionist in Krugersdorp. In my free time I like studying the bible, studying counselling and doing gardening. I want to be a “real” mother for these children and not just a foster mother.


My wish is it to see them having a highlighted career and a better future. I don´t see it as a job, for me it is a calling.


2. Douglasdale 2


The house mother- Sibongile Lubisi


Sibongile is originally from Johannesburg. Prior to becoming a foster mother in June 2013 she was employed at Acres of Love. She has three biological daughters and four foster children – one girl and three boys whom she adores.Her motivation for joining St. Peter’s Childcare was because she wanted to make a difference and viewed the opportunity offered by St. Peter’s as a stepping stone to give orphaned and vulnerable children a chance to have a better education and ultimately a better life. What she enjoys most of being part of St. Peter’s Childcare is the independence to be the best mother and she would like to see the project develop further, in its quest to include more orphaned kids into the system.

She encourages her children not to fight and have respect for all human beings. She is also very involved in their well-being and communicates with their teachers verbally or in writing. She has a list of chores that her foster children adhere to. She feels that by giving them chores to do, i.e. ensuring that their rooms are kept clean and having turns to wash up the dishes after dinner she is instilling discipline and responsibility within them. She deals with transgression by prohibiting television and sending them to their rooms.

Romeo, the eldest is very responsible and makes breakfast for the family on a Saturday. He has a very caring nature and is a very good artist. She would like him to pursue his talent.

David can be very manipulative and hates being reprimanded. And as the nursery rhyme goes “When he is good he is very good and when he is bad he is horrid”. Like Romeo he enjoys Art as well as swimming.

Nicky is a non-conformist and avoids doing any housework. Although with the new roster in place she can’t get away from tidying up after dinner and washing all the children’s socks.

Jesse is a loving and adorable little boy who enjoys giving and receiving love. This brings a smile to Sibongile’s face when she relates how he always wants to please her. An example of his good behaviour is that often after eating, he would return his plate to the kitchen and collect a cloth to wipe up if he had messed.

In order to empower herself she would love to attend a dressmaking class so that she can design her own clothes and sell them. A secondary passion is cooking and she would love to have the opportunity to attend cooking classes as a means to prepare nutritional meals for all her children.


3. Wilropark 1


The house mother- Marentina Msibi 


Martentina is a mother of four children and a grandmother of five children who joined St. Peter’s Childcare in March 2006. She is originally from Lesotho. She is a qualified nurse and has been in the profession for 29 years. In 2005 she resigned and took care of handicapped children in Orange Farm.

Marentina’s background has somewhat prepared her to be a loving and caring mother. She and her children spend their leisure time telling stories and discussing life in general. She is also actively involved with their school work and good discipline is imperative in her household. She believes that by being a good role model in her children’s lives will hold them in good stead for a brighter future.

Marentina would like to improve her baking skills and would like to attend a school where she can become a professional baker. On completion of her course, she would like to bake and sell her products to her congregation members. Furthermore she would love to venture toward catering for parties. She hopes that her plan will encourage her children toward becoming entrepreneurial.

All Marintina’s children were very young when she began fostering them.Theo was a year and a half. He is the joker of the family and loves playing. Marintina often reprimands him to do his school work.

Theo makes Marentina very happy as he has a brilliant nature. He participates in school sports and enjoys soccer and judo.

Morris was one when he was fostered by Marintina. He is very helpful around the house. He enjoys reading and is a studious student. She has no complaints concerning him.

Glynnis was 2 months old and grew up to be quite disinterested in house work. She is outgoing and enjoys reading, judo, soccer and singing.

Patience was 10 months old and has grown into a reserved little lady. She is a hardworking student and wants to become a nurse like her mummy.


4. Wilropark 2


The house mother-  Thabisile Nqobo


Prior to becoming a permanent foster mother, Thabisile was a relief mother for two months. She has four children, two boys and two girls.  She is originally from Kwa-Zulu Natal and when she was in high school she wanted to become a nurse. Due to financial constraints she had to go and work to assist with the supporting of her siblings.

Having four of her own children makes it easier to be a mother as she gets lots of support from her family.  Her vision for her foster children is

that they complete high school and go on to University.  She has a very good understanding with her children and communication is important in her household. Thabisile encourages her children to believe in themselves.  Thabisile would like to empower herself by learning how to become a dressmaker and has a passion for beading.  Once qualified she will make clothes and sell it.  She believes that this will encourage her foster children to work for what they want. Her children all have chores which they strictly adhere to. Linda is Thabisile’s Afrikaans teacher and she enjoys reading and swimming.  She has brilliant communication skills.

Michael is the musician in the family and enjoys singing and soccer.

Geoffrey is the reserved child and he wants to become a Pastor.

Angelique, her name sake is Thabisile’s English teacher and enjoys drama.

The transition of fostering within St. Peter’s Childcare has given Thabisile the opportunity of being an independent foster mother.


5. Lufononi Home


The house mother-  Ruth Nahombe


Ruth is originally from Mozambique. Both she and her husband worked for the Mozambican government. Two years ago her husband passed on and her contract expired in June 2013.In July 2013, MES introduced her to St Peter’s and she worked as a relief mother for three months. In October of the same year she fostered two siblings, Carly aged 13 and Ethan aged 7. Ruth has five biological children. Her four kids are independent and her youngest finished her schooling last year.R

uth believes that her two foster children were a God sent and they came into her life for reasons still unbeknown to her. Her relationship with her foster kids are awesome and they have a good respectful relationship. With her biological kids all grown up her foster kids fill an emotional gap.

She hates to see people suffering especially children and she believes that she can make a difference in her foster children’s life. The kids have also learnt to speak Portuguese and Carly has become quite fluent in the language.

Carly would like to play hockey and dancing, her dream is to become a doctor one day.

Ethan is a special child and loves attention. He too would like to go for dance lessons and he enjoys playing football.

She is very strict on discipline and her kids have chores. They have to make up their beds before leaving for school. In the evenings they have turns to cook and clean up after dinner.

She would like to expose her kids to travelling especially to visit Mozambique one day.Ruth’s goal for herself is that she wants to become an interior decorator, she would like to learn how to sew curtains, match colours and advise people on decorating their homes. Her dream is have her own shop one day where she can sell her products


6. Westdene 1



The house mother- Nokwanda Radebe


Hello, my name is Nokwanda Radebe, I´m original from New Castle (KZN) and currently I am a foster mother at St. Peter´s Child Care in a house of 5 boys.

Before I came to St. Peter´s Child Care I worked as a domestic worker in Johannesburg. The relationship I have with the 5 boys is like a “normal” mother-kids relationship.


We all respect each other, we have a lot of fun together and also if the boys did something wrong they do come and say: “Sorry mum”!



7. Westdene 2









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