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Dear Readers

As the month of July draws to a close, the Management and Staff of STPCC would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our donors and sponsors who have made June and July such a memorable two months.

Firstly we are truly grateful to the Red Cap Foundation for their generous donation of R6000.00 worth of winter clothing for our children.

We are also very thankful to our angels in the Northern Hemisphere, Anke Mölleken and friends for their continuous love and support for our project

Winter Holidays

St Peter’s Child Care’s children have had a bumper exciting school holiday.  They attended the incredible winter week from 30 June – 6 July 2014 at the West Rand Lutheran Community Church.  They had a fun filled program which encompassed incredible interactive Bible teaching, hours of fun and games, anointed worship, jaw-dropping craft sessions, music and much more.

Nelson Mandela has been making an imprint on the world for 67 years, beginning in 1942 when he first started to campaign for the human rights of every South African. His life has been an inspiration to the world.”

By devoting 67 minutes of their time – one minute for every year of Mandela’s public towards a global movement for good.

The Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development PsyCaD worked closely with some of the St Peter’s Child Care (StPCC) children by providing pro-bono Psycho-educational assessments.  For their 67 minutes, on Tuesday the 15th July 2014, they were inspired to organise a day filled with fun with the children. A donation of movie tickets from Nu Metro added More Magic to the day and allowed them all to take time to relax and momentarily travel to amazing destinations through imagination. A discount from Panarottis in addition to a variety of donations from PsyCaD employees, family and friends (also known as our Nelson Mandela day Sweethearts) likewise, helped them to arrange for a memorable, playful and rewarding day at Florida Lake.  They indulged in a variation of games and the children were given the opportunity to learn about the life of Madiba and win prizes in their very own “All About Mandela” Game-show quiz.

“We are also appreciative of the fact that StPCC granted us another opportunity to be touched by the amazing souls of children and also commend them for the good work they do. May we remember along with them that “It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it” (Nelson Mandela, 1983) and that we have an opportunity to do so daily?”





Thursday, 17 July 2014, The Johannesburg Zoo invited the children to spend the day at the zoo. The St Peter’s Child Care volunteers made sandwiches and took the children to spend a fun filled day.

Friday, 18 July 2014, in commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s legacy of service to others, friends and family of Mandela’s medical team comprising of both nurses and doctors from the Presidential Medical Unit, One Military Hospital, Heart Hospital and Milpark Hospital hosted a party for the foster moms and children of St Peter’s Child Care. This event was initiated by Dr. Tshidi Sehotsane who was Tata’s medical doctor from 2005 to his last days.  Tshidi spent a great deal of her time with Tata and also travelled a great deal with him all over the world.  This event not only generated sponsorship, but also a great deal of awareness.


Mandela Day


The kids were spoilt with a jumping castle provided party packs and Mr. Mike Maponyane (Tata’s former body guard) sponsored McDonalds.  In addition, each child was presented with a pair of school shoes.  Furthermore, the Medical Team sponsored the day by donating clothing, food stuff, blankets, towels, toilet mats and bedding for mothers and children, towels etc.  After all the formalities, the mothers and invited guests mingled and networked while they enjoyed a sumptuous starter of fruit salad, followed by boerewors rolls. The day ended with the cake being distributed to foster homes and some of the guests.


The support and love received on the day from the Medical Team was very encouraging and well received by the management and staff of St Peter’s Child Care. It displayed the importance of the multi-sector approach required to improve the lives of both the children and foster mothers.  It went so far as reflecting the vital task of caring and entrenching the necessity to follow what Mandela has shown us; in how to serve, give and complete the work of freedom.
Furthermore, generous donations by doctors who could not attend the event were also received.
We are extremely grateful to the management and staff from SRK Consulting for their kind monetary donation.


Dennis Jankelow & Associates (Aviation) sponsored sandwiches, clothing, pampers purity (baby food), mealie meal, oil, Sugar, rice, tin foods and sweets on the 18th July 2014.

Hollard chose St Peter’s child Care as their beneficiary for Mandela Day 2014. In support of our homes, they held a “Power Tower challenge” at their various corporate locations in Johannesburg and encouraged teams of Hollardites to build towers of food items for STPCC houses.

The giving spirit of Hollardites on the 18 July, in celebration of the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, was truly awesome and they delivered 35 boxes of non-perishable food items to STPCC.


We would like to point out that our website now includes a “Donate” button that allows cost-effective donations from all over the world.


Forthcoming event, please diarise 10 October 2014, St Peter’s Child Care will be hosting our first golf day!!


We are very pleased to announce our website upgrade. It is absolutely awesome!  Please stop over and take a trip on a very exciting journey!!!



From the desk of Stephanie Press

Together, we can make a difference in the life of children in need!

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