Mandela Day

Tsidi 2   Friday, 18 July 2014, in commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s legacy of service to others, friends and family of Mandela’s medical team comprising of both nurses and doctors from the Presidential Medical Unit, One Military Hospital, Heart Hospital and Milpark Hospital hosted a party for the foster moms and children of St Peter’s Child Care. This event was initiated by Dr. Tshidi Sehotsane who was Tata’s medical doctor from 2005 to his last days. Tshidi spent a great deal of her time with Tata and also travelled a great deal with him all over the world. This event not only generated sponsorship, but also a great deal of awareness.


The kids were spoilt with a jumping castle provided party packs and Mr. Mike Maponyane (Tata’s former body guard) sponsored McDonalds. In addition, each child was presented with a pair of school shoes. Furthermore, the Medical Team sponsored the day by donating clothing, food stuff, blankets, towels, toilet mats and bedding for mothers and children, towels etc. After all the formalities, the mothers and invited guests mingled and networked while they enjoyed a sumptuous starter of fruit salad, followed by boerewors rolls. The day ended with the cake being distributed to foster homes and some of the guests.

Tsidi 3
The support and love received on the day from the Medical Team was very encouraging and well received by the management and staff of St Peter’s Child Care. It displayed the importance of the multi-sector approach required to improve the lives of both the children and foster mothers. It went so far as reflecting the vital task of caring and entrenching the necessity to follow what Mandela has shown us; in how to serve, give and complete the work of freedom.

Furthermore, generous donations by doctors who could not attend the event were also received.

We are extremely grateful to the management and staff from SRK Consulting for their kind monetary donation.

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